Buy Me A Cup Of Coffee - Black

Martina Jackson
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Hey Hey Hey folks, thanks so much for clicking on this link.  I recently learned about a program called BUY ME COFFEE.  It is simple way for viewers to support their favorite creators.  Unfortunately the program is not yet available in my country.  Seems like I keep bouncing my head on a wall when I try something new these days (I just had to mention that).

Anywho, I currently have a Patreon account set up, with a few supporters (that I am very grateful) but that program does not allow a one-time payment/donation.  You maybe be wondering so why I don't use PayPal.  Again, in my country, I can only pay for an item, I cannot receive payments.  Another stumbling block.

So I was inspired to use this platform (which is currently working great for me) to create my own Buy Me Coffee system.  The only thing with this platform is, I have to offer something tangible.  Since I am making this platform work for me, I have uploaded a very short video for you to download when you buy "Buy Me A Cup Coffee - Black".

Note, you can buy me a cup of cappuccino if you can - I like cappuccino.  You have the option to insert any figure that you like.  

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